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Replace Running Shoes

Replace Running Shoes When Should I Replace Running Shoes? Probably that is the most frequent question of running athletes or marathoners. Running in old or torn shoes is one of the main causes of injuries. Generally, running shoes with torn and worn padding are less shock proof, and less durability. Using worn out running shoes

Keeping a Running Training Journal

Keeping a Running Training Journal Maintain a Running Journal The most effective way to know how you are faring with your running training is by maintaining your own personal running journal.   It will take into account all the details of your running training, your previous runs against the current runs; and therefore you will

Tips For Running in the Rain

Tips For Running in the Rain Have you ever tried running while it is raining? Wouldn’t it be an awesome experience to be jogging while raining! Yes, running in rain can be so much fun! However, you will be surprised to find out that there are so many ways to gear up for wet weather

Start a Running Program

Start a Running Program How to start a running program ? Running or jogging is one of the best ways there is to lose weight fast. It burns tons of calories and gets your body burning fat. Running strengthens the heart, lungs and can be done just about anywhere at anytime. The problem is most

Running Shoes for a Marathon

Running Shoes for a Marathon If you are training for a marathon, then it’s a high possibility that you know that you should not run in old, torn running shoes. During your marathon training, you should get new shoes when you have exhausted the limit of the typical running shoes, which is about 400 to

How to Select Trail Running Shoes

How to Select Trail Running Shoes Trail running is a variant on running that diverge distinctly from road running. It basically takes place on hiking trails, usually on single track trails, even though fire roads are not unusual. A distinct feature of the trails is that they are regularly inaccessible by major roads but of