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Pilates Helps Expecting Mothers

Pilates Helps Expecting Mothers Healthy Pregnancy There has been a recent surge of interest for Pilates in the health and industry fields. The one group of people who should really be interested in this form of exercise is expecting mothers. If you’d like a smoother pregnancy, then it’s of your best interest to read this

Basic Information on Pilates Rings

Basic Information on Pilates Rings You’ve probably been hearing about “core” exercises and Pilates for quite a while and are probably doing it once to thrice a week, you’ve probably used different DVD’s, different styles techniques and different equipment just to get that great body that everybody is drooling about. Hearing of all this, you’ve

Exercise Tasks in Pilates

Exercise Tasks in Pilates Pilates is truly one of the popular physical fitness systems nowadays. Many gyms and fitness centers are now rolling out or offering Pilates classes for members. Pilates aficionados would certainly assert that the system is really helpful in providing balance for the body and the mind. As years go by, mankind’s

How to Prepare for a Pilates Class

How to Prepare for a Pilates Class Are you planning to soon join a Pilates class? Be warned that walking into any Pilates studio could be daunting, especially if it is your first time. You would notice a variety of very odd-looking contraptions, which you could logically infer as ‘Pilates machines.’ Never worry. Whichever studio

Should Pilates Classes Use Music

Should Pilates Classes Use Music ? Pilates classes are very popular these days. Most gyms and fitness centers offer regular Pilates sessions that are guided and facilitated by fitness professionals. In reality, it is very different from all other fitness sessions. But many individuals do not readily identify that difference especially when their Pilates sessions

Six Principles of Pilates

Six Principles of Pilates Pilates has always been noted as among the trendiest and most effective exercise programs around. It is currently one of the most popular fitness programs not just in the United States but in many countries across all continents. Among the best selling points of Pilates is that it works very well